Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Welcome Back, Old Friend

So I realize that most of this blog has to do with baking and cooking. However, I wanted to let you know that I am now committed to getting myself back in shape. While I don't feel like I need to "lose weight", I do feel like I need to get healthier. As you all know, I quit drinking or consuming all caffeine (except for the little bit contained in chocolate of course). Turns out, the caffeine had been masking a very large iron deficiency, by fooling me into thinking I had energy. Once all the caffeine was gone, it was very evident I had NO energy what-so-ever. After some blood tests and doctors visits, it was revealed that my iron level that should be between 50-100 was 7. And on top of that, I also am lacking in vitamin D and have too low cholesterol. I know, who has these problems? Well, me apparently.

So, after a couple weeks on iron supplements, vitamin D supplements, and fish oil (for the too-low cholesterol), my energy level feels as though it is (very slowly) returning.

My husband has been (not so) subtly telling me I should exercise. And after swallowing my pride (and my anger that Hmpf. How dare he tell me I need to work out!!? Is he calling me fat?!!), I realized that although my energy level is not what it should be yet, and I usually feel like napping instead of moving, exercise could possibly help that, and at the very least it can't hurt.

So, I went back to my old favorite. My tried and true kick-your-butt, get in shape power yoga dvds. And thank God for Baron Baptiste. If you haven't heard of him, or haven't done his workouts, you are totally missing out. I was in the best shape of my life when I did 30-45 minutes of his yoga a day. And so I say, welcome back, old friend!


  1. Wow! I've always struggled with anemia, but I don't think I've even had numbers that low before. I've been low enough to require iron infusions, which spead up the process amazingly. But it does require an IV and a couple hours. Some thing to ask about if your numbers don't jump up fast enough. My naturalpath has me take 3 iron pills a day which helps to maintain my numbers. Just another thing to consider...how much supplements you are taking daily. I hate the feeling of being anemic, so I hope you a fast recovery to "normal" feeling again!!

  2. I, too, have always had anemia. Eat Lucky Charms. No, seriously! They are high in ferrous sulfate, I swear!


    p.s. Thanks for your sweet comment! :)