Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Beginning

So here it is, finally up and running, Creating Goodness. I have so many thoughts and plans and goals for this website, but mostly I hope it helps people, in one way or another. I plan to tell you all about two of my favorite things (and one of my not-so-favorite things)...baking, making, and shaking.

Baking speaks for itself, but will also encompass cooking, grilling, and anything else done with food in the kitchen. I absolutely love creating new things to eat, from decorated desserts to three course meals.

Making deals with anything not covered in the other two categories, such as making things cleaner, making things organized, making things cheaper, making things happier, and then of course actually making things (crafts, etc).

Shaking (my least favorite of the three) involves exercise and healthy choices and shaking things up to make life better. I don't diet, nor could I if I ever tried (no willpower maybe, but more likely just a love of food), so exercise is REALLY important for me, and I haven't been doing it as often as I should. So you'll hear about all the ways I plan on shaking things up.

Hope you'll join me here, comment a lot, suggest anything, spread the word, and enjoy! I've got lots of fun stuff in store, some related to the Seattle area and some just good for everyone!

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