Saturday, September 26, 2009

Eating Through the Pantry, Day 2

We didn't exactly eat from our pantry today, since it was college football Saturday (which involved pizza for the hubby and his friends), and I took the girls to see Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs in 3D (which involved movie theatre food for us). But, I did make some preparations for the coming week's small food budget and plans to eat from home. So, I'll plan on Sunday-Saturday, $50 food budget. I have some peppers, onions, and corn on the cob in the fridge still, and tonight I baked bread. There's nothing funnier to me than rising bread dough. For some reason it makes me laugh, and the recipe direction to "punch down" the dough always makes me giggle too.
But, there's nothing better than the smell of baking bread and the taste of homemade bread. I didn't do anything fancy or season the bread, since this is going to have to be it bread-wise this week, for sandwiches, etc. I figured a good, classic, crusty white bread would be best. I use a basic recipe for the good ol' Betty Crocker Cookbook and then change it up with whatever I add to the bread. I may make a seasoned bread braid later in the week to go with dinner one night, since I only have one package of yeast left (and it expires next month). Bread is so amazingly simple, yet it takes so long to make because of the rising, and forming loaves, and rising again, and then the baking time.

I've got a few meals planned for the week, and with a trip to a good grocery store or a farmer's market I'll have vegetables and fruit for around $25. That leaves me $25 for milk, eggs, some snacks, and a few other odds and ends for the meals planned for the week. I'll update how I do, hopefully nightly, with what we ate that day and how much I've spent at the store.

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